Welcome to Our Tattoo School

We will provide you with the knowledge to become an independent tattoo artist

At our tattoo schools in Thailand and Sweden we are specialized in providing a master methodology which transforms beginners into professionals. Almost anyone can learn tattooing, but not everyone can become a master. At Our Tattoo Training Centers in Thailand or Sweden, our experienced teachers have what it takes to help each aspiring student to realize their potential, and transform them into experts. At our tattoo artist training school we’ve made it our mission to inspire, train, and shape your technique into an unstoppable skillset. Our exceptional tattoo training courses will help you make your mark in on the industry. We work Globally, the Tattoo School Thailand has many international students. A true immersion experience, no other school can put you this close to the original source of the ancient art form of tattoos. Our tattoo artist training courses prepare you from the ground up amid The word of tattooing tradition. For many years we have been offering training in machine and hand poked tattooing. Hundreds of students from all over the world have done our school to learn the tattoo trade to open their own tattoo studios or work for other tattoo studio’s. In our our experience students are encouraged to learn at their own pace with guidance rather than instruction. We believe that the best way for people to learn this craft is to work hard in an environment that allows them to explore their own style and ways to progress. Hand poked tattooing we can only tack to special students, willing to take time out in life.

Learning the art of tattooing at a our reputable tattoo school can offer numerous benefits:

1. Professional Instruction: Our tattoo school have experienced instructors who can provide structured lessons and guidance tailored to your skill level. They can teach you proper techniques, hygiene standards, and industry best practices.

2. Hands-on Experience: Tattoo schools typically not provide hands-on training with real clients or models – we do. This practical experience is invaluable for developing your skills and confidence in a controlled environment.

3. Access to Equipment and Facilities: Tattoo schools usually have professional-grade equipment and facilities that you may not have access to otherwise. This allows you to practice with quality tools under supervision.

4. Networking Opportunities: Attending a tattoo school can help you build connections within the industry. You’ll meet fellow aspiring tattoo artists, experienced professionals, and potential clients, which can lead to collaborations and job opportunities in the future.

5. Understanding of Safety and Health Regulations: At a Tattoo school safety and hygiene training is prioritized. We will teach you how to prevent infections and ensure a sterile environment. This knowledge is crucial for protecting both yourself and your clients.

6. Portfolio Development: As you learn and practice tattooing, you’ll create a portfolio of your work. This portfolio can showcase your skills to potential clients or employers and serve as a testament to your growth as an artist.

7. Business Skills: We also offer courses on business management, marketing, and customer service. These skills are essential for establishing and growing your own tattooing business or working effectively within a studio.

8. Feedback and Critique: Instructors and peers at our tattoo school can provide valuable feedback and critique on your work, helping you identify areas for improvement and refine your technique.

9. Exposure to Different Styles and Techniques: Tattoo schools rarely expose students to a variety of tattoo styles and techniques. We do ! Allowing you to explore different artistic avenues and find your own unique style.

10. Confidence Building: By receiving structured training and support, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities as a tattoo artist. This confidence is essential for building a successful career in the competitive tattoo industry.